Heather R.L. Lerner

Director, Joseph Moore Museum
Asst. Professor, Dept. of Biology
801 National Road West
Richmond, IN 47274-4095
hlerner [at] gmail [dot] com
Follow @hrlerner
Phone: 949-GENOMES (949-436-6637)

I am interested in how genotype, phenotype and the environment interact to affect the persistence and evolution of species through time. I use innovative molecular approaches and computational methods to address questions about speciation, rates of evolution and adaptation. My work features development and use of next-generation sequencing methods, statistical genetic analysis and field collection of samples (tissue and subfossil specimens). I use neutral genetic variation as well as functional genomic regions to investigate the evolution of species. My work can be broadly categorized as (1) Phylogenetic, population and conservation genetics research and (2) Functional genetics and genomics of non-model organisms. Please click on the categories for more detailed descriptions of each of these areas of my research.

I am interested developing simple approaches that empower students to understand and use the primary literature in classes and in research. To this end, I have developed the Paper Box Instructions. Please see my teaching page for more information.